What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019


What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019?

What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019

Let’s get started with the best SEO Blogging Tips. You are looking for Best SEO Blogging Tips. There are many ways to optimize your blog. Here the Advanced SEO Blogging Tips 2019.

Has SEO been Important in 2019?

SEO for Blogging or a website is very Important has compared to the past. Because now a days without an SEO very difficult to rank your Post on Google Search Engine.

Today we are going to Learn SEO Blogging Tips. If your a new Blogger or just started a new Blog. Then this article is very Helpful to you. Without SEO you can’t Rank your website or a Blogger in Google or any other Search Engine.

What to write SEO Friendly Article?

What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019

Before you start righting any articles Research your Keywords. This is the Very important Role to Rank your Blogger post. There are many Free Tools and Paid Tools available for Researching a Keywords. This Keyword Researching Tool will Help you to get a unique Keywords.

Google Providing us a Free Tool used to Research a Keywords Related to your Article. Keyword Researching is very Important. We can also say this is the 1st Step of SEO Blogging Tips. Google Provide us Google Keyword Planner Tool. And there are many Tools available for Free. 

If your a new Blogger or just started a New Blog. Then I will recommend you to use Free tools. This Tools almost help you to Rank your Blogger or website in Google Search Engine.

How to Find a Unique Keywords

What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019

Go to Google and Search for Keyword Researching Tool. You can use any Keyword Tool for Researching Your Keywords.

For Example: SEO Blogging Tips this is my main Keyword. I’m going to Keyword Researching Tool. And I’m going to find the Monthly search’s for this Keywords.

Always Try to find, such as keywords which the monthly search volume is Low. This type of keywords helps to Rank your Blogger post in Google Search Engine. One more thing after choosing a Keywords. 

Try to search the same keywords in Google search. Research Top 5 website what is there in that Top 5 website. Why there website got Ranked in Google Index. Research about that you will get ideas about Ranking. 

If the Monthly search volume is very low to your Keywords you can easily Rank your Blogger post on the Google index page.

While Researching Top 5 website Related to your Keywords. Try to find There Article total Words. If there are wrought. If some they wrote Article about 1500 words you should write your article at least 2000 Words. 

If your article words are more than that 5 website then you can easily Rank your site on Google Index Page.

How to Count the Words?

There are many tools available in Google to count the Article words. Go to that 5 website and copy there all article. Just go to Google and search for Word counter you will see there many Free Tools available for Words Counter. 

But I personally Recommend you to use the Word Counter Tool. This Tool Will Help You to Find Other article words.

What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019

This Tool is very useful any very easy to use. Just copy the words from another website which you Targeted to Rank above it. And by the help of word counter Tool. You can easily Find the Words. Just paste your copied Article in Word counter Tool. It automatically finds the words.

I am going to give One more Example: After Researching a Keyword. Just Go to Google and Search same Keyword here.

You will get a Many result Regarding to your Keywords. There are already many posts are available Related your Keywords. To Rank Your Website. You need to Search their Words. 

For Example:

In 1st Website Have an Article of 2000 words. In second Website have article of 1800 words. At Third website have Article of 1000 Words. Now your Target should be More than 2000+ Words Article. This will help you to Rank your Blogger Post on 1st page of Google search Engine. But Try to write your own Article. 

Every word should be Unique. If you’re trying to copy others Article then there is no use of it. Your Blogger post won’t Rank Google Search Engine. Try to Write your own and it should be 100% Unique words.

Top 15 SEO Blogging Tips

What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019

1. Quality Content is the King of SEO

2. Regular Branding to Improve Visibility

3. Develop the Best UI/UX Designs

4. Mobile Indexing

5. Improve Website Speed by Developing Responsive Website

6. Try Blogging and Adding Video Content

7. Social Share and Link Building to Improve SEO

8. Targeted Keywords

9. Do Original Research

10. Understand How users Search

11. Analyze you Existing Search Traffic

12. Unique Content

13. Backlinks

14. User Friendly Articles

15. Responsive SEO Friendly Mobile Friendly Thems.

These are Top 15 SEO Blogging Tips. If you are going to Follow This SEO Blogging Tips you can Easily Rank Your Website on Google and Other Search Engine’s.

1. Quality Content is the King of SEO

Your are Article must be unique and user Friendly. Always try to write a post with Quality. Quality is most important. 

If your Quality is Good you will get more Organic visitors your page. The main thing in SEO is the quality of your post. If you are writing your article without any Images H1, H2 Heading then there is No Quality to your Post. 

Always you should write a Unique and Good Quality Articles. Your Article Should be helpful to the visitors.

If your quality is good, then you will automatically get Ranked in Google Search Engine. Google Always Find a Quality Articles to Rank. Without Quality Post you cannot Rank your on Google Search Engine. So the Quality Content is the King of SEO.

Use Proper Heading, H1 and H2 use Article Related without Copyright Images. Use ALT Text in your Images. Try to Right 100% unique Content without Copying others. This all Help you to rank your Blog post in 1st page of Google Search Engine.

2. Regular Branding to Improve Visibility

Maintain a Time Table to Publish a post. For Example when you’re going to publish your article Daily, Weekly Once or Monthly. Time Table is very Important. 

This will help to Rank your post. Don’t Try to write 10 posts per day, then after one month you’re going to post a single article again after a few day publishing one more. This will not help you to get Ranked on Google Search Engine.

Always Maintain a Time Table When you’re going to write a post and what time you’re going to publish your post. This will help you to get Ranked on Google search engine.

If you’re trying to publish at least one article per day, then it is well and good there are many chances of getting your Blog post on search result. And also you will get more Organic views and Traffic to your site.

3. Develop the Best UI/UX Designs

SEO friendly UI/UX Templates are the best for the visitors. This type of Templates is user Friendly and SEO Friendly. Always use UI/UX Templates to your Blogger Post.

SEO Friendly Templates will Help you to get More visitors to your page. Because in this type Templates are Easy to understand for visitors and There are many chances of reading your other blogger post.

4. Mobile Indexing

Google allows us to Index our page on Google search console page. Before there is only one option available that is Disktop Indexing. But now Google Newly launched about Mobile indexing also.

If you wrote a New Blog post after Publishing your post. Visit Google search console Index your page on Google Search List. Without Indexing you cannot Rank your website. While Indexing you need to Index on Desktop mode and also in Mobile Indexing. This will help you to show your Blogger post on Google Search Result.

Google Search Cosole is the most important to Index your blogger post on the Google Index Page. This will also help you to get more Organic Traffic to your Blogger or a website.

5. Improve Website Speed by Developing Responsive Website

While choosing a Template always Try to check your Template loading speed. If your loading speed is Good you can customize that Template to your Blogger or Website. 

Blogger Templates Loading speed also help you to rank your website in google search Engine. There are many Tool available for Free to check Blogger Template Loading Speed. 

If you have already customized a Blogger Template then this Tool also help you to Speed up your Blogger or Website Loading Time. 

GTmatrix  is one of the best tool Many Pro bloggers are using and I also personally use Tool to test the Blogger Loading time. And to maintain Blogger Template Loading.  Loading Time of your Web site plays a main role in SEO. 

If your website Loading time is Good then Google automatically picks your website in Google search Result. Always maintain your loading Speed of your Web site. Using GTmatrix Tool.

6. Try Blogging and Adding Video Content

Adding a Video Content will help you to gain more Watch time in your website. Watch time also plays a biggest Role to Rank Your Website. Google also Finds how much time the visitors stay on your blogger post. 

If there are staying for more times. Google Bots believes that this article Really Help to the visitors. Then Google automatically Rank Your Page on 1st in Google Search Engine. 

If you added a video related to your post. People try to watch that videos to get More knowledge about it. This will help you to get more watch time on your post. 

This is also the Best SEO tips for Blogger to Rank their website on Google 1st page.

7. Social Share and Link Building to Improve SEO

You may see on many websites there is a social share links available. This is also one of the best ways to get more organic visitors to your site. 

If some really helpful with your Blogger post there are many chances of sharing your site through Social media. This will help you get more visitors to your site. 

The social share and Link Building will also help you to improve SEO. Try to customize a Social sharing Link in your Blogger or in a website to get more Organic visitors to your site.

8. Targeted Keywords

While you are writing your Articles in Blogger, Try to use your main keywords multiple times by Bold and Italic. This is not a just a words, this helps to find your Targeted keywords in Google Search Engine. This will help you get your Blog or Website in Google Index in Less Time.

This is how the Targeted Keywords works. You should use at least 10 Times your Keywords in Your Blogger Article.

9. Do Original Research

Before starting writing an Article Research on your Keywords. Related posts. What is the reason for that Particular Website Ranks. Write some think unique content. Your content should be helpful to Visitors. This also Help your Rank your Post Google Index page.

10. Understand How users Search

Target Those Keywords which users are Searching For. For an Example, Long Tail Keywords. Long Tile keywords Means For than 4 word keyword is Non as long Tail keywords. 

This is my article, My targeted keyword is SEO Blogging Tips. This keywords have only 3 Words. So I made this keywords to 6 Words. What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019.

In Most of case Users are searching long Tail keywords. In Long Tail Keywords then are more Search volumes. You can easily Rank Your Blog or a Web Site using Long Tail Keywords.

If you are going to search something you always use Long Tail Keywords to search something. This how other users also search for. Always understand how users search. This also an SEO Blogger Tips to grow your Blogger post.

11. Analyze your Existing Search Traffic

Analyze your Existing Search traffic, Google Free is providing to use Google Analytics Tool. This Tool will help you Analyze your Existing Search Traffic. 

In which keywords your post Ranks on Google index page. This also and advantages or key to get more organic visitors to your Blog.

Which ever your Blogger post gets viral in Google index page. You can use the same keywords for other Same topics. Try to write same Topic Articles there are many chances of getting organic views to your site.

12. Unique Content

Unique Content is a term that relates to Search Engine optimizations (SEO). It means its an original content and its not an Dublicate Content. Always Write Article with your own words don’t copy other website article.

If you want Rank your post on Google Search Engine SEO is very Important without SEO you can’t Rank your website on Google. Many new Bloggers are making these mistakes they’re going to Copy some other website Articles. This is the reason there post Won’t get Ranked on Google search Engine.

Before writing an Article Research Related to your Keywords. Try to gain more knowledge about that particular keywords. After Researching Try to write your own original content This content is known as a Unique Content. Your content should be 100% unique and original to rank your website in a Google Index page.

13. Backlinks

Without a backlinks now a days Ranking your post is very Difficult. Try to create an Backlinks on your post. These backlinks will help you to rank your post on Google Search Engine.

There are 2 types of Backlinks:1. DoFollow Backlinks2. NoFollow Backlinks

DoFollow backlinks are the most important in SEO. Without Dofollow Backlinks you can’t Rank your post at this Moment. I am not going to Explain about NoFollow backlinks this is not Important. There is no use of NoFollow Backlinks.

How to get powerful Backlinks in 2019?

Backlinks are incoming Link to the webpage. When a web page links others page is called as an Backlinks. Backlinks is just like building a Link between 2 web pages. 

There are 2 methods to Get Backlinks to Your Site.1. Guest Post2. Commenting

1. Guest Post

There are many websites allow us to write a Guest post to their site. You should write SEO Friendly Articles and share to the other Guest post Website. By adding your site Link. 

They will Uplode you Article on their page. Then you will get an Internal link between that site and your site. When Visitors, Read your Guest Post shared Articles in other website. 

You will also get Link there are many Chances of visiting your site through a Link. Guest post allows us to create a DoFollow Backlinks.

How to Check other Websites backlinks

Ahrefs Backlink Tool is paid Tool Which allows us to Check other Website Backlinks for Free. This is one of the best Tool to check other websites Backlinks. By adding a url of other websites.

2. Commenting

By Commenting your site on another website post you can create a DoFollow Backlinks to your site.

What is SEO Blogging Tips 2019

Many Websites allows to comment, This a biggest advantages to crate a DoFollow Backlinks to your site.

Leave a Comment: Here write something related to that Blog.

Name: Write Your Name in Name Box.
Website: Give a url of your Recent post in Link option’s.

Email: Enter your Email Address in Email Box.

This how we are creating an Backlinks to our Site. The only few Website allows us to create an Backlinks on their site.

I Researched and Found Few DoFollow Backlinks Sites Instant Approval You can use this site to create a DoFollow Backlinks to your Blogger or Website.

Create a Multiple Dofollow backlinks to your site to Rank your site Google Search Engine. You also get many Site on Google Related to your Keywords. You can Research about it.

14. User Friendly Articles

Your Article should be user Friendly. Try to Explain everything that the visitors should get a positive answer Related to your keywords. Explain everything in proper without using any difficult words. 

This will also a Plus point to get more watch Time to your website. This will also help you in Ranking your site in Multiple Search Engines.

15. Responsive SEO Friendly Mobile Friendly Thems

There are many SEO Friendly Mobile themes are available for Bloggers. While choosing a theme you need to keep in mind. The themes should be mobile friendly and SEO Friendly. Your Articles should be clearly visible in Desktop and in a Mobiles.

Don’t use more designed themes. This is very difficult to understand for the users. Your teams should be user Friendly.

Check Out Below Links to download SEO Friendly and Mobile Friendly Premium Blogger Themes for Free. Use this User Friendly Themes to your Blog and customize, however you would like. But it should be SEO friendly and user friendly.


I Already Shared a Top 15 SEO Blogger Tips Basic to Advanced Level in this article. Follow this SEO Blogger Tips to Rank your website on Google and other Search Engine.

If you have any doubts Regarding this post Comment Below. I will Clear all of your Doubts in Comment Sections. If you think this blog is really helpful share with your Friends and in other social media’s. SUBSCRIBE to our Blog to Learn new something new about Blogging, Social media marketing, Technology etc….

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