Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2019

Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Top 5 Best Android Apps 2019 [NeoLine Wallpaper], [SlideBar], [MyScript Calculator 2], [SnapTrans], [ Wallpaper Modded].

Today we are going to learn about Top 5 Best Android apps of 2019. using this applications you can edit your any Wallpaper with better and attractive looks. Using calculator app you can easily calculate any number by just righting using your fingers. Newline application is the one of the best application for 3D wallpaper you can download the app for free. You can also purchase premium version for more features. SnapTrans application is used to Translate any language by just Dragging. For More Details Read the Below Article.

SI No. Best Android Apps
1 NeoLine Live Wallpaper
2 SlideBar
3 SnapTrans
4 Wallpaper Modder
5 MyScript Calculator 2


List Of Best Android Apps


1. NeoLine Live Wallpaper

Best Android Apps

NeoLine Live Wallpaper is Developed by and they completed thier user base of 500,000+ users Across the world. This application allows us to use 3D lines Wallpaper as you can in above Images. 

Best application for 3D Live Wallpaper. In this application free of cose and paid service also available. For Demo pupose you can use it has a Free Version of NeoLine Live Wallpaper application. If you would like to purhase a paid you can go through it. If your using a Paid version you will get more Features and wallpapers. 
One of the best application for Live wallpaper. One more advantages of using this application it consumes less battery as compare to other Live Wallpaper Apps.

Rating:    4.4

Size:         13 MB



2. SlideBar

Best Android Apps

SlideBar is developed by S.T.E.P App Developer Studio. In this application you can customize your contects and apps easily has you can see in the above images.

 One of the best aplication for shortcut your apps in slideBar. This SlideBar Application is very useful for Every Android users. To access any apps from any where by just sliding. You can set a SlideBar how ever you like to kepp it.


Also you can change the colours of SlideBar and you can also Transparent it. Best Application for Slidebar. This application is available on playstore also you can download it From the Below Download link.


Rating:    4.2

Size:         3.6


3. SnapTrans

Best Android Apps

SnapTrans App is used to Translate any language to your Language. This app is similar to Google Translate app. But In this application you can use Magnifier logo in your screen when ever your Drag your Magnifier Logo Near by text it automatically gets Translated to your selected language. This application is very useful for everyone.

 SnapTrans Application is developed by Cool Translate Team Finally their are completed their user base of 500,000+ users Across the World. This Application supports almost every languages to translate in native language which ever your selected while Using for 1st Time.

Rating:    4.3

Size:         8.6 MB

4. Wallpaper Modder

Best Android Apps

Wallpaper Modder Application is developed by Genanluca Spadazzi App developer Company. Best Application for Editing any wallpaper with different colours. 

You can also insert any images from Gallery for Editing in better way. Using this application you can edit any wallpaper by using this features like Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Blur. Change your wallpaer Designs which ever Perfect for you.. !
Many are facing some problem while using other wallpaper they want edit their wallpaper in better way in this case you can use this apps for Editing your wallpaper how ever you like to do for Better looks and Attractive wallpaper.

Rating:    4.7

Size:         3.4 MB


5. MyScript Calculator 2

Best Android Apps

MyScript Calculator 2 is very useful application for All android users. This application works like your normal calculator.


But using this application you can easily solve any Methametics without using Keyword. This the best features available on this application. 


You may ask how? we can calculate any numbers without Typing or without using Keyboard. But U want to clear one thing using this application can directly right the value using your finger. It automatically gets calculated As you can see in the above images. 


This application is developed by MyScript Tool App developer Company. They made your calculation easier then other calculator apps. This application is available for Free on Plat store. Also you can download it From the below link.

Rating:    4.7

Size:         Varies with Device


This are the Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2019. This app can be very useful for Every Instagram Users.

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