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Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Hello everyone this is a note from QuickStartApps .we are back with one more top 5 best Android Apps.

And today we will show you the 5 best new Android apps you should try out. We have selected in this Blog are on the basis of their usage functionality and how unique these apps are and most importantly.

Because they recently launched and guys. if you’re new to our Blog then don’t forget to subscribe join our notification squad. So let’s begin with our today’s Best Android Apps and as usual we will show the apps in random order.

5 Best Android Apps


1. Screenshot Assistant

Screenshot Assistant
Screenshot Assistant
Developer: Waskysoft
Price: Free
  • Screenshot Assistant Screenshot
  • Screenshot Assistant Screenshot
  • Screenshot Assistant Screenshot
  • Screenshot Assistant Screenshot


If you’re the kind of person who takes a lot of screenshots you’ve probably at some point experienced a hand juggle like this.

It doesn’t help that I’m using one of the biggest phones out there but you see my point by using an app called screenshot assistant.

You can remap the screenshot to just holding down your home button. And when you do that you get an instant share button pop-up so you can send that meme as quickly as possible.

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2. Notify Buddy


Notified buddy is an application that gives you your notification LED back. this is a feature that a lot of phones are losing now with the move to borderless displays.

But this app uses the pixels inside your screen to recreate that functionality. I would say it still feels a bit beta in that it’s lacking some important features. But it does give you fine control over color and which applications to apply to.

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3. Accurate Heart Beat

The nest Application is Accurate heart rate monitor doesn’t need a massive amount of explanation.

But it’s convenient and that you just place your finger over the phone’s camera for a few seconds and bam you’ve got a reading.

It’s probably not the one if you need professional medical help but at the same time if you just try keep track of your fitness levels over time it’ll do the job.

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4. Face Pause

Falling very much into that cool party trick category is faced pause installing. This application allows you to pause games and videos just by looking away it’s not something I’m personally going to use.

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5. Randomizer+


I’ve been in where I just wish I had a dice to roll or a coin to flip to settle some sort of score randomizer plus lets you do exactly.

That and quite a bit more basically anything you’d want to pick randomly from like any letter of the alphabet or any card from a Dec.

It can do it can even play rock-paper-scissors for you it’s really well done I just wish there were fewer ads.

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That’s it guys these were the 5 best Android apps app which we have featured today or if you have any suggestions then let us know by leaving a comment down below. So that’s all for now if you like this Artcile then please subscribing to our Blog QuickStartApps.

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