How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free


How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free

How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free

Build your own Free Blog. No Technical Skills Needed. Start Now! Free Hosting Included No Coding Needed. Full Tips to Create Basic to Advanced Level Blog.

  • What is a Blog?
Blogging is a similar to website sharing your Knowledge or Talent with the audience. You can choose any of topics related to your talent. This is also on type of blogs. I am sharing my personal experience with other just like blogging is a passion for me. You can also choose Blogging has a Lifetime Carrier. One of the best method to earn by sitting at home full of free without any experience. In this blog don’t needed any skills like coding, or any other etc.. This is full of Free. Just share you idea or talent with the audience. There are many Topics or categories available. you can choose and start developing your carrier in blogger.

  • Categories 
There are many categories like
  1. Technology
  2. Education
  3. Learning.
  4. Social Marketing
  5. Music site
  6. Lyrics
  7. wallpapers
There are 1000+ categories are available you can choose any of your Interested categories from your own. This above categories are just for an example purpose. without wasting your time if your really interested to become a blogger read this article till end. I provided Basic tips to Advanced level everything in this blog. You don’t have to visit any other site for searching for How to create a Blog.

  • How to start a Blog in 6 Steps
1. Pick a Blog Name.

2. Get your Blog Online.

3. Customize your Blog.

4. Write and publish your First Post.

5. Promote your Blog.

6. Make Money in Blogging.

Now we are going to Learn this 6 Steps to start a Blog for Free. Understand every single words this is the very important part to Start a Blogging.

1. Pick a Blog Name.
Choose your Blog Name before your going to start a Blog. Try to keep your Blog Name Related to your Categories. Because there are many chances getting ranked on google search engine. If your going to start a Blog about beauty choose your blog name related to beauty. I hope your cleared about Blog name’s.

2. Get your Blog Online.
To get you blog online you need to customize your them’s and you should right at least some articles. Related to your categories. Then use meta Tags Regarding to your blogs and articles. There are many chances of getting your blog on google search engine. day by day there millions of user are using google to find something. So always right a article about trending topic’s.

3. Customize your Blog.
Choose SEO Friendly templates to customize your blog. There are many SEO Friendly Templates available for Blogger they are providing for Free you can use that. Customize your blog is easiest steps No coding is required for it.

 4. Write and publish your First Post.
Write your First post about Your Topics which ever you choose while selecting the blog name. The article must be unique. Don’t copy other website article’s no use of it. If your article is unique there are more chances of getting adsense approval to your website. write you post in such a way that the audience can easily understand every single words you used in your article. Your article must be unique. Write something with your own experience and your talent. Without Hard work there is nothing. Always keep patients don’t run behind Money Money should run behind you. Always focus on your work try learn something new and share your experience with audience.

5. Promote your Blog.
There are may way’s to promote your Blog. If you are promoting your blogs this will help the people to read your blogs. The more you share the more chances of getting visitors to your blog. If your going to start a new Blog Sharing is very Important. Without Struggle there is no success. Always share you blog to get more visitors to site.

There are 2 methods of Promoting your Blog.
  1. Promote your Blog for Free.
  2. Promote your Blog by Paid.
Now we going to learn what are 2 methods that will help to grow on blogging carrier.

1. Promote Your Blog for Free
You can share your blog in multiple social media network’s like
  • Whats app
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
There are many social Media Network’s you can share every where to get more visitors to your page. If there is more visitors you acn easily Earn money from it.

2. Promote your Blog by Paid.
There are many way to Promote your Blog. You can choose any of it from the below list. But this method is paid.
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Other website
  • Advertising
This the are few methods I personally used to promote my Blog. Once again i’m going to say this are paid promotion.

This are platform used to promote your Blog by paid. This will help you to get more visitors to your Blog. just like this an advertisement. If your are a new Blogger then I will recommend to use free promotion. Because Paid promotion are costly once you started to grow then there is no promotion is required to your blog.

  • 6. Make Money in Blogging.
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free

In blogging you can easily earn money by advertisement. Where to get advertisement for blog. There are many ways to get advertisement on your blogger. Google adsense is the one the best platform used to advertise your blog. before applying to Google adsense you need to post at list 25 unique articles on your blog. If your trying to copy some other website articles. you will get rejected for showing ads on your website. I recommend always write your own articles it must be unique. Try to write at list 1000+ words article if write more words that is well and good. If your trying to write more words articles there are many chances of getting your blog in google search. Once your site is ranked then don’t needed to worry about it. You can easily earn money from  blog by sitting at home. Try to write at least 1 article per day this is also help you to gain more audience to your site.

There are many more Alternative ads available for blogger you can also try for it. Until you get google adsense Approve. I already posted other Alternative ads site in my recent post you can check it out or I will give an link here. you can try that Alternative website also for advertise your blog. 

  • How to create a Blog on PC.
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free

There are few steps you should follow to create a Blog on PC. Here i will going to explain everything clearly. just follow my below steps to create a blog on PC.
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
1. Go to and search for
2. click on new blog.

3. Enter a Name of your Blog.

4. Choose Blog address or URL.

5.  Choose a Template.

6. Click Create Blog.

This are the few steps you needed to follow to start a Blog. Then Find a Trending Topics to get more visitors to your Blog.

  • How to Get Trending Topics
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free

You want a trending topics to your blog you can refer Google Trends. There are many categories available you can choose your categories and start writing the post on it. Google trends also allow us to select country. you can choose any country where you would like to share you blog. I will always recommend you to choose united state, Canada, United Kingdom, in this country the CPC is high. you may ask what is CPC. For this also I already wrote a article there I explained everything regarding to advertisement you can checkout there by clicking here.

Once again I will explain briefly CPC is a Click per Cost. If someone clicked you ads in India or in Pakistan the CPC is very low 0.01 to 0.10$ same way your getting you blog traffic from United states or from Canada, The CPC is high Up to $50 dollars per click. So you can Target other countries to Generate more Earning from Blogger.

Before your going to Start blog. you needed to research about keywords related to your Topics. There are many tool available on google Keyword Researcher. There analysis the keyword monthly searches. By knowing that you can rank your website. always choose Low level Keywords this help you rank your blog on First page on Google Search.

  • How to Research Keywords 
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
Keyword Research is the important role to rank your website on Google Search. So always analysis of your topic keywords before writing a blog. To research your Keywords there are many sites are available.

  1. Find Keywords using Paid Method.
  2. Find Keywords using Free Method.
This are 2 way’s to find keywords for your Blog. You can choose any of your method from this. I’m going to teach you this 2 methods also which you feel better you can use that tool. first we are going to learn Paid method. Secondly we going to learn free methods.

1. Find Keywords using Paid Method.
Paid method is best way to find Keywords to your Blog because this will give accurate result and many tips to grow your Blog. But this method is very costly you needed to pay monthly up to 6000 rupees. If your are new user you can try free method because the paid method is very costly every month you should pay for a plan.

If you still want to use the paid keyword research tool you can use it. There are many chances of getting your Blog on first in Google search engine.

  • Ahrefs Tool
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
Ahrefs is best tool for paid keyword research many successful Blogger are using Ahrefs tool to rank there website in multiple search engine. This tool is very helpful if you purchased. But I will Recommend for newly started bloggers don’t use this tool write now. you can use some free toll to get Ranked. in future you can buy this tool. For now use free tools.

1. Find Keywords using Free Method.
Free method can be used for a new Blogger’s this is also helpful to research keywords. There are only 2 different in paid tools and free tools. If you have paid tool’s you will get 100% accurate result. If your using free tool you will get 70 to 80% of accurate result this is sufficient for new blogger. Start with a free tool for sometimes. Then you can buy paid tool it depends on you. Many Bloggers are ranking there website using a Free tool it self. this also the best way to rank your website. Always focus on your work you will get succeeded in blogger carrier. 

Google Provide us the free tool’s for keyword research you can use this tool for research your keywords. At what keyword you should rank. you can easily come to know by using Google Keyword Planner Tool.
This are the 2 methods to Research your Keywords before Start writing a Blogger post. Keyword research is very important to rank your Website in Different Search Engine’s. Like Google, yahoo, Bing etc…

  • How to create a Blog on Android Phone.
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
If your using Blogger in PC or Android Phone they are almost same. There is no different between Android phone and PC. All the procedure is same to same. There is no changes in that. What ever you learned From this Blog Same method can be used in Android Phone. You will get same Blogger page on Windows/PC and also In Android Device.

1. Go to Google And search for
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
2. Enter your Blogger Name.

3. Choose the Templates.

How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
The Blogger will already have many Templates you can choose any Templates from it. All templates are Free of Cost. Just click on any of your Templates and just click on OK. Your Templates are now ready to use.

4. Click on New Post. 
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
And start writing your Articles.

5. Once the articles is completed you can click on Publish Button in write corner of your Page.

  • What is SEO in Blogger
How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
SEO is the Search engine Optimizer used to Rank your product In Google Search Engine First Page. I already Cleared this steps in above Topics. How to Rank your Blogger In google Search. For this SEO is very important. Finding Trending Topics, Keyword Researching, Writing unique Articles, Using Images on your Blog. Using Same keywords in your Images and in Blogger post. This all Comes Under SEO. Once you started your Blog you only come to know about this SEO.

  • What is Backlinks in Blogger
There are 2 types of Backlinks
  • Do follow Backlinks
  • Backlinks
This are the 2 back links in Blogger this will also help you rank your post in Google search. 

  • Do follow Backlinks
Do follow Backlinks we going to comment in other website related to our Categories.

How to Start a Blog | Easy Full Guide to Create a Blog For Free
You will see this types of comment options in different site. You can comment here with your Name, Email Address, and your post Link. this is known as Do follow Back link. This help you to get more visitors to your page. I will suggest you some website link below you can use that website to create a Do Follow Backlinks.

  • Do follow backlinks commenting site

This are the few website used to create a Do follow backlinks to your Post.

  • Backlinks
Backlinks Means in some other high traffic website promote us in their blogger post. it is known as backlinks. They will refer our link in their articles, This is also one of the best method to rank your post in google and other search engine. in this case case most of the blogger will give paid backlinks only. This is also most important tips to grow your blogger Post.
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