[7 Tips] How to Get Disco or Selfie Stamp welcome 2020

Disco Stamp

How to Get Disco Stamp or Selfie Stamp welcome 2020

Disco Stamp


In the year of December 23rd The Google pay application launched a new game in the app. This is the fun way to Collect 7 Disco Stamp by using different method. If someone collects 7 stamps on or before 31st December 2019 at the end of the day he will get Rs 202- 2020.

This is great opportunity for every Google pay users to collect a welcome 2020 Stamps in simple and easy 6 Steps to earn Rs.202 -2020 without investing. We can also say it’s a Great opportunity to earn money from Google pay. If you have 2 or more Google pay Account then it’s well and good you can easily earn up to Rs.6000 from Google pay.

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Welcome 2020 Scratch Card Earning Tricks

Disco Stamp

This are list of 7 Stamps to Collect in Welcome 2020 Google Pay Reward!

  1. Disco Stamp
  2. Toffee Stamp
  3. Selfie Stamp
  4. Pizza Stamp
  5. Balloon Stamp
  6.  DJ Stamp
  7. Sunglasses Stamp


About Welcome 2020 Stamps

Disco Stamp

Google pay launched welcome 2020 Stamps for the year of 2020. This announcement done recently finally they are live in your Google pay application.

If you didn’t finding welcome 2020 Stamps on your Google pay account. Then there is only a one solution. Just update your Application using Google play store or App store. I hope everyone know about how to update an application to latest version.

Once you have been updated open Google pay application end the end of landing you will see a new Stamps options called as welcome 2020.

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How to Get Disco Stamp

It’s Time to Disco Stamp! Do your 2nd Bill payment or Mobile Recharge and you could get the Disco stamp. This Tips is officially announced by Google in welcome 2020 Google pay app. This is one of the best Hint to collect a Disco Stamps in welcome 2020.

How to Get Disco Stamps

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How to Get Selfie Stamp

To get a Selfie Stamps I researched many thing finally I got a 2 ways to collect a Selfie Stamp.

  1. Inviting your friends on Google pay
  2. Gift something to your Friends

This are the 2 working method that I found to get a Selfie Stamps in Google pay welcome 2020 cake.

  1. How to invite a Friend to Google pay?

It’s a simple you just have to send your referral code to your friends. Once they install Google pay using your referral code. This is my Referral code (nE7DO) you can also use this referral code to get Rs 50 has a signup bonus. Once they have been installed Google pay using your referral code He will get 1 Stamp and Rs 180 referral bonus directly to bank account. According to my research I found that 80% of users got there Selfie Stamps using this method have a try.

2. Gift Something to your Friends

Google pay welcome 2020 stamp cake allows us to send 5 gift to friends in each day. You can easily collect up to 5 new stamps From your friend accepted your gifts. This will work when he accept your gift. You can send only 1 gift per users.


How to Get Sunglasses Stamp

In most of case I found due to listening a On-Air you will get Both Stamp. Sunglasses and Balloon try a look this is a easiest way to collect both balloon and Sunglasses stamp. I personal experienced with it. I also got using this method only. Even my friends also tried same experiment on it 90% of friends got balloon and sunglasses using this tips.


How to Get Pizza Stamp

How to Get Disco Stamp

Scan 2020 Images to collect a Pizza Stamp this tips is also my own Research I found it. I’m going to share with you because of every one intent was to collect a welcome 2020 cake. So I decided to share this Pro tips to everyone to collect a Pizza Stamp. This trick working fine I got 9 Pizza stamp by scanning 2020 Images.



This are 7 Ways to Collect Google Pay Welcome 2020 Disco Stamp. If this article is really helpful Then leave a Comment Below. For More Information Head over to QuickStartApps.in and Sign Up for the New Letter It’s Free Now. Which Steps are your going to try first Let me know in Comment Section below.


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