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Learn Blogging for Business, The compound effect of content Marketing, Three main customer acquisition channels, The main reason why most blogs fail, On page SEO, Off page SEO, Backlinks, How content brings customers from Google, Build Relationship with customers, Two Major Strategy of growing a Blog, The anatomy of the “spike of hope”, Two Major strategies of growing a blog, Busting the “publish more often” myth, How to convert visitors into subscribers, How to test your article ideas for “Search demand”, How to Determine the full traffic potential of a keyword, Find the best keyword to Target, How to determine your chances to Rank in Google, How to use the keyword Difficulty metric in Ahrefs.

How to generate keyword idea’s using keyword research Tool, Find keywords that your competitors are ranking for, How to find low-hanging content ideas from all over the web, How to priorities your list of content ideas.


Lesson #1

The Compound effect of Content marketing

  • The primary goal of blogging for business
  • Three main customer acquisition channels
  • The main reason why most blogs fail


The Primary goal of blogging for business 


About 2 years managed to grow which has nearly blog as 15k visitors per month to 150k visitors per month. Do you think this result is good or bad? Considering 2 years to grow a account. Traffic is a vanity metric when ever having a goal of traffic on our blog. Our primary goal is always being Acquiring new customers.

And growing our business point of going viral and bringing 1000 of visitors to your blog if non of them buy will you. It maybe good for ego but not for bank account. Insted of trying to generate much blog traffic is could. We focused our efforts to bring highly traffic visitors to convert customers and bring money is our business.


I know that content marketing business team said them let them self all sense of source keep you eye’s.

  • Number of published articles per week
  • The Number of blog visitors per month
  • Number of email subscribers per month

Well if you ask me this are all bad KPIs they do make sense of course but their are secondary. (Number of orders/sales per month) this is the primary KPIs in the first place. You need to treat your blog in customer acquisition channel not a traffic acquisition channel. Unless you will make money through traffic by selling for that case more traffic will bring more money.

But in this course I’m going to teach you how to create a media emperor and make money with advertising. I don’t have any experience with it I’m not qualified to create a course about it. This course is about creating to drive customers to your business. I’m happy to share all our tactics and strategies with you.


Three Main Customer acquisition Channels

Blogging for Business: How online consumers discover products to buy:

  • Word of mouth
  • Searching
  • Advertising

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is simple to understand hearing by your friends if someone is selling products to customers they directly promotes their product by reaching to people. This quite easy process to sell their product directly to the customers.



If something you need to buy through a online your choosing the first place is Google to search anything you would like. This is the second method to improve your sales by creating a proper landing page and all the information of your product in your website. It automatically indexed in Google. Great time this is best place ever to sale your product through online.  



Advertising is best place to promote your product through online. Has we can see daily 1000 of ads in different way they all are promoting their own product by investing to advertisement. Advertisement is the easiest way to promote any product online in quick time.


Do you even need a blog?

To complete this 3 process you don’t needed any blog I’ll explain clearly. If you follow above 3 main customer acquisition channels you can easily get more numbers of customers to buy your product. The more you sell the more you can earn this is the concept. To Advertise your product on Google you don’t needed any website to promote your product. But if you have any blog then well and good to get more customer acquisition channels. Target any one micro niche blog depending on your product. Find a better keyword which have high search volume and low competition.

This keyword will help you to get more customers to you page. I already explained about how research a keyword in my last article check it out… You can follow this method to get more customers to your site. Once you got more visitors to your site you can make money easily without any hard work.


How to Rank my website?

To Rank your website on Google or any other search engine you need to target a micro niche. For example Which keyword have more search volume and less difficulty. This will help to get more visitors to your site in short time. Because the keyword have low competition always choose a better keyword to your niche.

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Take a Time to find a better micro niche keyword to your site. You want to work hard to find a better and low competition keywords to your website. Take time to research it doesn’t matter if it took 1 month to find a single keyword which have high search volume and low competition. If you want success in blog you need hard work without hard work you won’t get any success in Blogging field.

To Rank any website in Google you need to do proper SEO in your Blog. SEO (Search engine optimization) this plays biggest role to rank any website first page on Google. Mainly there are 2 Types of SEO you need to Follow

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO


On Page SEO

In On Page SEO there are many things you need to Follow to improve your on page SEO. Proper keyword Research and Keyword implement, website speed, Article length, On Page Image SEO, Proper meta Tag and Meta Description, User Friendly title, User Friendly article etc.. This all comes under on page SEO.


One more thing if your Starting your blog on WordPress then don’t need worry just Install a Yoast SEO Plugin. This plugin will help you to do On Page SEO. If Your using Blogger then there is no plugins available for Bloggers you need to work your self. Learn How to do On Page SEO in Blogger.

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Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is very very important for every new and old bloggers. There are many things you need to follow in Off page SEO. Link building, Creating a Backlinks, Email Marketing, Sharing you content in different social media account etc…

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What is Backlinks?

How does Google determine which website to rank number one, two and three. It comes down to SEO, right? Well, it’s more in depth than that. Google has over 200 factors; and the number one factor that affects rankings is backlinks. Today, I’m going to teach you what backlinks are and how they work.

Blogging for Business

Moz SEO company interviewed tons of marketing experts, and they asked them what factors affect Google’s rankings the most? They all said backlinks. So, with backlinks, that’s one website linking to another website. Google’s looking at it as votes. The more links that your website has, the higher you’re going to rank.

Blogging for Business: In addition to that, they’re looking at quality. So, if Huffington Post links to you, that’s way more effective than if Joe the plumber linked to you. And Google knows that it’s way harder to get a link from Huffington Post than it is to get a link from Joe the plumber. Now, another thing that they’re using within their algorithm is how related is that link?

How Does Backlinks works?

So, if Huffington Post links to your plumbing website, that’s actually not as effective compared to Joe the plumber linking to you. But, on the flip side, if Home Depot linked to you, because it’s very relevant and they’re within your space, that’s way more effective than if Joe the plumber linked to you.

So, a few things. Google is looking at how many backlinks you’re getting; how many you’re getting over time because it has to be natural, they don’t want you to just go pay people to link to your website because they don’t like that, you shouldn’t pay for links; they’re looking at how related those websites are; and they’re looking at something called domain authority, that’s how authoritative that website is. So, assume you’re getting tons of backlinks, you’re getting them from related websites and they have high domain authority.


Domain Authority

A domain authority is from a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being like a Google.com, a Youtube, a Facebook. And it works like on a Richter scale, right? A logarithmic scale, in which it’s way easier to go from 1 to 10, than it is to go from 10 to 20. So, if you can get a lot of backlinks, you can get them from relevant sites, and you can get them from authoritative sites that have high domain authority, your rankings are going to climb.

Blogging for Business: If you’re wondering what domain authority is, like what number a certain site has, you can go to ahrefs.com, put in a URL and they’ll spit out the domain authority. It’s a paid tool. A free version of this is Open Site Explorer. If you Google ‘Open Site Explorer’, it’ll take you to moz.com, and you can put in a URL and it’ll tell you that site’s domain authority. Now that you know how links work in the eyes of Google, if you want to get links the quickest way is to do round up posts.

So, go and email every single expert within your space. And I’ve discussed this in one of my past videos, you can go into the description, click on the link and you can get to the past videos where I talk about round up posts. You can email these people, include them in their round up posts.

It’s a great opportunity for them to get free press, which is why they’re going to participate. And then once they all participate, and give you their response, write an amazing looking blog post showcasing all the responses, include their name, link to their website, link to their Twitter or Facebook profile.


Social Network

And then from there, email each of those experts, once you’ve published the post, and ask them to share it on their favorite social network. By doing this, your blog, your website, is going to get more traffic. The more eyeballs that see your sight, the higher probability that someone’s going to link back to your site. As you get more backlinks, your rankings will also climb.


How Content Brings Customers from Google

  • Search
  • Find article
  • Read and Enjoy
  • Dig deeper into website
  • Buy

This is the perfect example of how content marketing drives customers to your business from Google. For that you need to Rank your website on Google first page.

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The Main Reason why Most Blogs Fail

In this blog I want to show you where the money is made if you are a blog writer or you have your own blog. Now for a lot of bloggers out there as they usually don’t make a lot of money. And the reason for that is because they only think of their blog as a journal as just a blog they don’t think of their blog as a blog business a money-making blog business.

And you have to think of it as a business if you’re looking to make capital or income from it at least a good amount. The problem is that most bloggers what they think about is they just think about hey if I write a lot of content and information. Then I’ll get a lot of traffic and then I make money from ads they think about the ad sponsorship.

And this is always just looking things at surface level the thing about the blog is most of the money is made from the back end of the block meaning future products future sales. The value is what you add at the blog surface level by writing your content writing your information but most of your income and most of your money will be made on the back end.


Blogging Course

So the same thing goes for if you run a blog based business. So you can take people to your blog and then once you build and build the traffic. You can take them to a product that could be your own book or it could be someone else’s book.

Then the next stage would be to take them to a product so you may have a book and then you have a DVD course or a video course and then you may have another product beyond that. Now if you don’t sell informational products that are fine what you can do is sell a different product you can sell someone else’s product and get an affiliate cut or check. I mean imagine selling a $500 camera for those of those people that do camera reviews a $500 camera and getting $75 for that sale. if someone reads or watches your review and then goes and clicks to buy that camera because your review was so helpful. And they buy us some time that in the next 30 days you get 75 or $100 for that sale.


Build Relationship with Customers

That’s much better than getting pennies for the advertising or the click-through rates on your website or on your blog. So think of it this way your blog is that surface level for the visitor. If you build that relationship with your customer with your visitor you can take them to the next higher price purchase.

As you continue you can take them to the next purchase and next purchase and next purchase. As you build that relationship you can take them all the way to consulting group masterminds and so forth. Where some of these things could range in the 10 20 50 thousand dollars for a session with you for private coaching let’s just say.

So that’s what you’re doing with your blog and most people they only look at its surface level deep. They only look at that advertising area they only look at it hey I’m just going to get some click-through rates or put some ads on there and that’s where I’m going to make your money.

But remember that most of your income comes from the back end of your blog based business. It doesn’t come from the front end from writing things it comes from the back end from the products you offer the services that you offer.

And that’s where a majority of the income is generated. So if you’re struggling with making money on your blog or you’re having some trouble then this is this could be one of the issues or one of the things that you’re doing wrong. If you don’t have any products to offer you don’t have any sales to offer some services then this could be one of the reasons.


Lesson #2

Two Major Strategies of Growing a Blog

  • The anatomy of the “spike of hope”
  • Two Major strategies of growing a blog
  • Busting the “publish more often” myth
  • How to convert visitors into subscribers.

The anatomy of the “spike of hope” (Blogging for Business)


According to my observation most bloggers it just 2 satisfied and robotizing traffic grow up same day when you published a new post. Instant Gratification our brains are to addicted to it. Lets looks closer look at “spike of hope”


Get Traffic from social media and Email Subscription 

Where does this traffic comes from well what is the first thing you do out after publishing a article you share it with your existing audience. You share it with your email subscribers you share it a link to social followers and regular readers. In other words you’re asking your existing audience to come to your blog. Because you have something new for them this are the first step in “spike of hope”. This means your post is only reaching to all your old users you won’t getting any new users from this. All are the existing users this is quite important to understand.


Get Traffic from Reddit and Slack Channels 

The Next thing you need to bring new traffic to your newly published article you need to publish your article in Reddit, slack channels Facebook groups and forums etc.. To gain more new visitors to your site. If this is the 1st time share your content with certain group or community then all the people who lands on your article is entirely new to your blog. But if your sharing continuously past from this blog most of users may know you now.


Word of Mouth Passive 

So this promotion channel is only effective when starting out that are second part of “spike of hope”. So what to do last on? is the word of mouth this is the traffic that comes when people you shared a content with friends they shared your content with their followers. This will happen passively you don’t have to anything other then publishing great content then people will genuinely want to share.


Word of Mouth Proactive 

But you can also generate word of mouth proactively by reaching out people with Orient the content of yours they will share it with big audience.Passive word of mouth = 10-20% more traffic. Because the most of your Blog visitors don’t have large enough following to bring you any good traffic when share your article. Then if you manage Big influencer to share your content with their huge audience then you will gain more traffic to your blog.

So proactive word of mouth = 1000% more traffic but that rarely happens to honest the top people in you field are usually to promote others. Especially when your blog is new and they have never heard about you before. Lets wrap up! “spike of hope” traffic will get fast after publishing and promoting new article. Then mostly consist of the people who have visited to your blog before. Which makes little sense because in order for your blog to grow you have to be reaching new audiences all the time.


Busting the “Publish More often” myth

This are the my favorite part of this lesson but I love the most of part SEO that you don’t have to publish a lot  of content. But still can get tons of traffic every month we are done a small experiment on this we rarely publish more than 1 article per week. If I put my blog URL’s in content explorer tool and pic that last 30 days it will only shows 2 articles. but look at our traffic from google from past 30 days growing consistency. 


That because of we don’t have nonsense goal publish X articles every week. Our goal is to create content around very specific keywords and make it our content rank higher in Google for this keywords so it brings us new customers. In face you can build  your entire business around in a single article.



How to Convert visitors into subscribers

Viral Traffic and SEO Traffic mixture of both you need retain in people who entering to your website. You need to grow your audience! I am sure if you heard it 1000 Times you have to grow your email list”. “The money is in the list” “Start growing your Email list yesterday” every professional marketer will tell you should growing your Email list. Just think about it if you are wont convert your first time visitors into subscribers the chances are you will never see them again. This means you won’t be able to show the next article you will publish. You won’t show your product next you realize.

In other words your audience is one of your biggest assets so the sooner you start building it then better. There are some technical and Psychological Tricks things that will help you to grow your business in Blogging.

Technical TricksPsychological Tricks
  • Pop-ups
  • Attractive Characters
  • Slide-ins
  • Social Proof
  • Welcome mats
  • Personal Stories
  • Hello bars
  • Building Rapport
  • Content Upgrades
  • Lead Magnets


The best way of getting more Traffic is making your content rank well in Google. So it will bring you consistence targeted traffic every single month so that’s it! This are the basic stuff is now over!


Viral Traffic vs SEO Traffic

1. Create “Sticky” Content1. Create useful content
2. Pitch influences2. Get Backlinks
3. Publish Regularly3. Don’t have to Publish Regularly


My rough Comparison of two blog growth strategies I’m sure if you notice that the different between Viral traffic and SEO Traffic. I don’t have any truly viral articles in my own portfolio. But almost all single post have front page of Google search Result for targeted keywords.

Blogging for Business

And Still i do believe that viral traffic can be a worthwhile strategy for growing a Blog. But now we can see about “viral vs SEO” dilemma. First of all most newbie bloggers have a wrong understanding of how viral traffic works? 


How viral Traffic Works in Blogging for Business? 

Blogging for Business

If you published an article and tweeted into your followers some of them like it and share with their followers some of their followers like it and share on their followers this going on and on snowball effect article goes viral and gets tones of traffic Right? Wrong!! 


According to the research the found that no content will go viral by tweeting to others. There is no such thing as a “snowball effect” Viral content spreads in a decay let me Explain. Content only goes viral if exposed to a super huge audience in other words someone have huge followers they should tweet you article then thousands of followers tweet to their followers. This is 2 steps of viral Strategy brings more traffic ability. And from there they goes decay in the amount of traffic.


Back to this visualization of this viral companions you clearly see the big circle started the chain reaction. B he the thing the fact that an influencer has tweeted something, Doesn’t mean that all of his followers will pick it up and retweet it. That why Top 2 challenges of viral content I listed earlier. 



Lesson #3

An Upgrade of your keyword research skills

Don’t worry about keyword research I’m not going to share you that all are going to share I have some unique Insights to share with you which are based on my experience training writers on our own blog. In this lesson I will teach you how to analyze the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword.

  1. How to test your article ideas for “Search demand”.
  2. How to Determine the full traffic potential of a keyword.
  3. Find the best keyword to Target.
  4. How to determine your chances to Rank in Google.
  5. The keyword Difficulty metric in Ahrefs.


How to Test your Article ideas for “Search Demand”

Can anyone guess what is biggest mistake that newbie bloggers make? There are biggest mistakes is writing about things that no one is searching for in Google. Let me explain with short story that happens. I’m getting many emails from customers asking for SEO advice at one day I got an email from a lady who is friction writer.

She published a few fantasy fiction book on amazon but she is not getting any sales. So he stared a blog in order to get some traffic build an audience of fantasy fiction and sold their own books to them. She is publishing a new article regularly almost an year but her blog was not getting any traffic.

Is not getting any audience finally she wont getting sale on is self written books. Then I opened her blog to see what type of content she is proving their blog. She is sharing her short stories and new chapters from her upcoming books. Titles of her articles looks like this.

  • My new short story: “Two paladins and one sword”.
  • Chapter #12 from my upcoming book.
  • The progress on my “Follower of ice and fire” book.


About SEO Title

This titles Quickly explained that why is blog not getting any traffic and why her audience is not growing. As discus in the first lesson of this article Google is the single best source of traffic for a Blog. Then how you will get traffic from Google for the title that no one is searching in Google? I mean people don’t even know about title and keyword researching takes main role in Blog post to get a traffic and audience. This are main reason she has struggling to get traffic to her blog. Because of Lack of search demand which she is writing about.

So it means is blogging a bad channel for book authors? Of course not Blog about things that your potential readers are actually searching for in Google. So they could find your article and become regular readers of  the blog and buy from you. So “what do readers of fantasy fiction books search for in Google?”


Great Google Searches to Target:

  • Books like harry potter
  • Books like the hobbit
  • Lord of the rings
  • Authors like terry Pratchett

According to Ahrefs keyword explorer this keywords have some nice monthly search volume and books like harry potter most popular search quarry among them. People search for 3,700 Times in every single month in USA. The global volume of the month is 7,000 per month. By targeting this quarries she can easily target this keywords to get more monthly traffic and the audience ti her blog post. And this searched clearly indicate that people looking for book recommendations. And there for there are looking to buy. So I hope my point is clear.

Writing about things that no one is searching for =Fail

Writing about things that people search for =WIN


How to determine the full Traffic Potential of a keyword


Here 4 Keywords are targeted and we know how much search volume for particular keyword in this niche. Let’s say decided to write an article the list popular keywords from this 4. By the way the search volume numbers as you can see in the above images there are just estimations. Most keyword tools like Google keyword planner which shows you Rounded annual averages. Ahrefs search volume gets keyword volume from Google keyword planner and click stream. So Ahrefs get more accurate search volume so back to lesson.


As we can see here if particular keyword have monthly search volume is 150. Then how much traffic will divert to your website if ranking on first page of Google. As you can in the above images if your post ranks in first page of Google you will get up to 30% of Traffic to your site. If your website Ranks in 2nd options in Google first page then estimate you will get up to 15% Traffic. But in reality you will get much more traffic than that. If your using Ahrefs Tools then you will find a button called SERP. In this you will find Top 10 pages of particular keywords already ranking Google.


SERP of Keyword Research


As you can see Ahrefs SERP futures found that for a particular keyword which is ranking on second position of Google first page. It gets for traffic then which is ranking on First. Because of second position article ranks in more related keywords in Google. For a particular article traffic more then 121 visitors per month. You can see in the above images which is ranking in 1st position is only ranked in only 7 keywords. The second article ranks in 31 keywords.

This is why the website get more traffic then the articles which is ranking on google first page. We are already discussed this thing in previous lesson number 2 about weight lose. Guess how many keywords will an average top-ranking page rank for? According to ahrefs data the average #1 ranking page will also rank well for about 1,000 other related keywords according to @ahrefs study. Which lead us following take away Search volume of a single keyword is a bad indicator of the total search traffic potential of an article.

Don’t make content marketing decisions based on the search volume of a single keyword

Look at the Total search Traffic of top ranking pages for that keyword. I wondered if you notice another things here page ranks in #2 gets 3 Times for traffic then the page which is ranking on #1. How does it is possible? Just open the pages and compare them the #1 ranking pages have few details about authors book and there is no much details about. Nut #2 ranking page is publish discussion forums people sharing there discussion regarding them.

Better content = More search Traffic


How to find the best keyword to target

Here the simple keyword Research exercise that I promised to show you. That on which is helped me to find this 4 keywords.

  • Books like harry potter
  • Books like the hobbit
  • Lord of the rings
  • Authors like terry Pratchett

I told them that I found put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. and just guessing what type of things what they might be searching for in the Google. Bu the search queries that I religiously brings are actually different.


The Searches that I’ve brainstormed were:

  • What are the books similar to harry potter.
  • Fantasy books like the hobbit.
  • Books similar to the lord of the rings.
  • What authors write in the style of terry Pratchett.

And according to the Ahrefs keyword explorer non of this as decent monthly search volumes. But I don’t care of search volume in this queries we are all are know that google shows result in same things. By clicking on SERP drop down I can see that the page ranks #1 how much traffic gets from Google organically.


If you rank for this “Top keywords” Ranks first page on Google automatically you also rank for many relevant long tail keywords. Because this is exactly what we are seeing here Top ranking article that Ranks all similar relevant keywords. 

  1. Brainstorm a few search queries and put them into Ahrefs keywords Explorer.
  2. Review Serf’s and See how much search traffic Top-Ranking gets in Total.
  3. Look at their Top Keywords.
  4. Save the best performing articles in a document.


How to Determine your chances to rank in Google

As analyzing search traffic potential is simple and straight forward process. Much bigger challenge term in chances Ranking existing article in number #1 and get all the traffic in your blog. The truth no one knows how Google works Google is using 100’s of different Ranking factors and then their are mixing them depending on search query. If you are new to SEO there are some magical Tool for SEO  What they want to do to Rank number one. A magic Tool that will do it for them but I’m afraid such a Tool doesn’t exist. In the many years Google spending billions of dollars to build most  biggest search engine in the planet. So there is no way to Crack Google using some third party tool to break there algorithm.

But what we can get clues from top-ranking pages we can analysis them different angles comparing between each other and make an idea why that pages are ranking. And there are mainly 2 certain information for us.

Ranking Difficulty = [On Page Factors] + [Incoming Links]

On-Page Factors

  • Relevant Content.
  • Helps Searches.
  • Loads Fast.
  • Optimized for Mobile.
  • Great UI/UX and visuals.

Behavioral Factors

  • How Long do people stay?
  • Do they browse deeper?
  • Do they refine their search?

Think about it for a second in order to Google measure how people behave after clicking on your page and search results. That pages will Rank in first pages of Google in better position depending on your bounce rate.


How to you get into the Top 10?

Links! from other website will help you to get in the first page on Google. You can think about it links are votes if some pages links your page in their website. It tells Google other pages giving an authority to this page maybe this page highly good content. So as a general rule The more website that link to your page, the higher it will rank in Google. Now back to my example if you examine this search result shown below.

Blogging-for-BusinessKeyword Research keyword have highly Keyword difficulty still post are Ranking on Googles first page with more amount of backlinks.  But there few page which have high numbers of backlinks still there are ranking below. There are some website which have low backlinks there are ranking at Top. I already Explained that Google using 100’s of factor ranking algorithm.

You also need an quality content to Rank first page in Google. Provide all information to the users to get higher ranking without quality content you won’t going to rank on Googles first page. Backlinks are not at a matter content is king to rank first page on Google search Engine.Number of linking website is a strong ranking factor correlation is not causation. But any SEO Expert knows that Links are Important for SEO. 


How come they rank between perfectly relevant pages?

That’s because they have too many links to ignore them. The number of links to a page and its total search traffic are well connected. That’s why I always look at the total number of the linking websites rather then search volume. My goal is to bet them to get the most search traffic.


How to use Keyword  Difficulty metric in Ahrefs


I Guess you have noticed that the metric is called keyword Difficulty. Remember I’m Talking about the magic tool that would solve all your ranking problems? Well lot of people will see when they saw Ahrefs keyword metrics. Links will help you get into the Top 10 lots of addition ranking factors will kick in. Well that’s why they will give a hint you’ll need a backlinks from -X website to Rank in top 10 for this keyword.

We don’t promise you’ll Rank #1 Backlinks shown by Ahrefs is estimated numbers depending on the Top 10 page already Ranking in the first position of Google for a Particular Keywords. And My recent example on chocolate lab 6 of Top Ranking pages actually have less then 10 Backlinks. But keyword difficulty says you need at list 38 backlinks. While Taking final decision on keyword you should always review the top ranking pages there is no way around it. There is also keep in your mind our keyword difficulty score is not linear. 


Keyword Difficulty and Referring Domains

Keyword DifficultyReferring Domains


If keyword difficulty 10 means you need at least 10 backlinks from other referring Domains. If Keyword Difficulty is 70 then you need 202 Backlinks from other site to Rank in first page of Google. As you can see in the above Tables you need to follow to Rank front page of Google. Blogging-for-Business

You can see the keyword difficulty and the Backlinks required to Rank on first page of Google. If you keyword difficult is (0-10) Its a Easy at least you needed (10) Referring Domains to Rank on first page of Google. Your keyword difficult is (11-30) Its a Medium at least you needed (11-36) Referring Domains to Rank on first page of Google. keyword difficult is (31-70) Its a Hard at least you needed (37-70) Referring Domains to Rank on first page of Google. If keyword difficult is (71-100) Its a Super Hard at least you needed (200+) Referring Domains to Rank on first page of Google.

By the way you might wondering where does Ahrefs get backlinks data? Ahrefs bots crawl the entire internet to collect this information. Every minutes Ahrefs page crawl 4.1 million pages.


Lesson #4

Keyword Researching and Content Idea’s

  1. How to generate keyword idea’s using keyword research Tool.
  2. Find keywords that your competitors are ranking for.
  3. Find low-hanging content ideas from all over the web.
  4. How to priorities your list of content ideas.


How to generate Keyword idea’s using keyword Research Tools

There are tools to helps you study what people are searching for in Google. Let me cover most popular keyword Research Tools.

This Top 4 Keyword researching Tools for Blogging for Business Use this keyword planner to find a better keyword to your blog post. Always Give a time to research a better keyword to your blog. Keyword plays a biggest role in Ranking factor also target relevant keywords which are similar to your keyword. This will help you to rank you site in different keywords. The more you Rank the more will get traffic.


How to Find Keywords that your competitors are Ranking for?

  • Study competitors.
  • Find their best content.
  • Beat them at it.

First you need to know who you’re up against you might already know which website is your competing in Google search results. If you don’t put the keyword in to Google find the competitors. Research about your competitors keywords using Ahrefs Tool or any other tool I already share with you above. Find out how many backlinks their are created to rank their website in first page of Google. Find their content what there are provided in their content and what is main reason for ranking that pages in the first page of Google for different relevant keywords.

After Researching all the things start writing an article your article should be very useful as compare to your competitors. Write an unique content in your blog post. Find relevant keywords for ranking which your competitors are used to rank their post. Get backlinks from those sites which your competitors are collected. Then 101% of chances of getting your post higher then your competitors post.

This is he real concept every bloggers are following to rank their page on Google. But no one is going to share their personal secrete information with audience. Because of that I sharing this tips to your with this free course. I can provide this course for money but I didn’t I know that many new bloggers are already struggling to get ranked on Google. They already invested there pocket money on Buying a domain and hosting for their website. So This content I was proving for Free.


How to Find low-hanging content ideas from all over the web

I just showed you how to research the content of your competitors. How cool would it be research the entire niche at one? Let me show you how exactly doing that. Here the tool called content Explorer.


Which is basically have data base of 846 million pages which have collect by crawler all around the web. You can just enter any keyword here to find a competitors. For example I want to find a word blogging in every post title. I going to just enter name called as blogging Content explorer page will show all the results over a million pages which have blogging keyword in their title. We can also see how much blog gets 1000 of visitors per month using organic traffic filters finally we got a result 0.2% of blog gets more then 1000+ traffic in this keywords per month.


Content Explorer

As you can tell content explorer tool is unique and valuable to tool because it allows you to filter through (almost) the entire internet of content. And find which leads more amount of traffic with less amount of backlinks. Then finally I want tell about one thing is your domain rating which are represents the strength of the total backlink profile of your website. A general rule it can be challenging to rank a website with high domain rating website. This is how the content explorer will help you to find valuable information about your competitors. 


How to Prioritize Your List of Content Ideas

What are chances that a person, looking for that thing in Google and reading my article on that topic would become my customers? I usually give my content ideas 1 to 4.

  1. My product is an irreplaceable solution.
  2. My product helps, but i’s not essential.
  3. Product can be mentioned in passing.
  4. No way to mention my product.

Topics with huge Business potential let me explain with example mostly you heard about hub spot. There are one of the biggest marketing field they have 1,800 employees and huge content marketing team. According to Ahrefs Hub spot blogs gets up to 2 million traffic from Google per month. Search volume doesn’t equal business opportunity The searches intent behind your search query does.

  • Best place to buy DSLR Camera. (80 searches/month)
  • Hire a business coach. (30 searches/month)
  • Rent an apartment in London. (40 searches/month)

But don’t ignore this type of keywords because they have high search volume in same relevant keywords as you can see below. So one thing clear it before writing an article keyword researching is very very important to ant post. Content is king but with proper keywords you post wont going to rank on Google anymore. I already given an example about keyword before in this article. I’m going to clear one thing before writing an article find a better keyword to your Niche. This will results more traffic to your site. You can compare below keywords search volume and above keywords search volume this are the different between them. Always focus on content and backlinks. You can easily rank on Google without further hard work.

  • DSLR Camera. (56,000 searches/month)
  • business coach. (3,100 searches/month)
  • London apartment. (2,900 searches/month)



Today we are learned about Blogging for Business idea’s. I hope everyone cleared about it let mew know below by commenting about your thoughts regarding to this free Blogging for business course.



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