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Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps 

Best Android Apps

Hello everyone we are back with another Top 10 Best Android Apps and today we are going to show you the 10 best Android apps of the month let’s begin with the top 10 apps of the month and as usual we will be showing the apps in random order.

SI No. Best Android Apps
1 Lucidpix
2 Post t
3 Quick Timer
4 Bird Mail
5 House Log
6 Rewalls
7 Boring Phone Launcher
8 Glitch Lab
9 Dekho
10 Google Go

List of Top 10 Best Android Apps

1. Lucidpix

Best Android Apps

So the first app we have in our list is the lucidpix. Lucidpix is an app. which allows you to create 3d photos for Facebook we have done a dedicated to write a article in the past but it was a lengthy process and was not compatible with every phone.

But with this app you can capture 3d photo and create 3d frames we just need to choose a frame from here and then shoot a picture after that you can directly post a picture to facebook I’ve been using this app for some days and I really liked how a simple picture looks so good with this app on Facebook Timeline.

 The app is really easy to use and you don’t have to fiddle with so many options overall lucid pics is a wonderful app to enhance your 2d photos in just one tap. So do try it out.



2. Post it

Best Android Apps
Next we have in our list is the post it posted by 3m is a new app which allows you to capture analog notes with the camera and create digital sticky notes right on your device which you can also edit as well for example if you have created a sticky note and want to share it with your friend or colleague then with this app you just need to take a picture.
Then the app will auto wreck ignite a sticky note and from here you can edit or organize them and share it as a PDF or a PowerPoint file I don’t have a stick note with me here but here you can see I have the speaker which looks like the size of a sticky note.
And now we just need to press and hold the camera shutter button and it will also recognize the note and from here you can save it or share it accordingly over all posted is a wonderful productivity app to share your sticky notes easily and sell it to your colleagues and friends.

3. Quick Timer

Best Android Apps

Next staff we have in our list is the quick timer I’m sure we all use timer function in our phone but have you ever wondered that you have to set a timer again and again for a few things and there is no way you can save or preset timers as of now in the Android phones with the help of quick timer you get access to useful timer right on the home screen you don’t have to type or manually input the timer to select the timer you want and start it you can also add your own timer and believe me. 


I use timers a lot for some tasks and this app is really helpful the design of the app is minimalistic with basic options which does the job pretty good overall if you’re also tired of putting manual timers then download this app.


I’m sure you will also find it pretty useful in the free version you get the preset timers as well as two custom timers but the 12er of the app cavers 250 promo codes which will unlock the pro features. 


4. Bird Mail

Best Android Apps

Next up we have in our list is the Bird Mail. Bird Mail is a new kind of email app that will help you to write emails.


Create notes an easy way in the app you can log in with your Google Mail account and then you will see a clean interface with less distraction the best part which I like about this app is that you will get email as a conversation so replying to them is really easy and quick apart from that this app.


Also allows you to add people who can do a live collaboration in your emails overall this app gives your email a natural conversation look which makes it my favourite email client right now so definitely try it out.



5. House Log

Best Android Apps

Next app we have in our list is the house log house log keeps track of all your stuff in your house it has simply input the items and take pictures and then house luck will remember exactly where they are and what they look like this app stores data in the cloud so even. 


If you change your phone you will have everything synced I really find this app good and you can also search for a particular item the app is definitely helpful and it’s like a logbook for things in your house that have permanent place you can also ask Google assistant to find your things and overall it’s a unique app and for sure very helpful.


6. Rewalls

Best Android Apps

Next up we have in our list is the Rewalls from tech burner now talking about the app revolves bring fresh authentic fall papers directly from reddit the design of the app is simple and you have the latest wallpapers on the home screen.

 You can also see different categories which are already defined and a few of them there are over a thousand plus HD wallpapers which are of high quality and some of them definitely looks pretty good on the phone screen in the app.

 You can see the artist name at the bottom and from here you can also apply the wallpaper directly or save it to your phone it can also mark the wallpaper as your favourite and then use it later on overall the app interface is neat and you get what you need from a good wallpaper app so definitely try it out.


7. Boring Phone Launcher

Best Android Apps

Next we have in our list is the boring phone launcher boring phone launcher will help you to make your smart phone distraction free this launcher has a clean user interface.

Which contains limited number of apps and also a to-do list right on your home screen you can also track time which you spend on each app by just swiping left on the home screen.

 The interface is really simple and as the name of the launcher which is boring launcher this launcher will make your phone clean and simple there is also a pro version of this app which will allow you to change theme and do other customizations and for it is the developer of the app was kind enough to give us 60 promo codes. 


8. Glich Lab

Best Android Apps

Next up we have in our list is the clay slab glitch lab brings you well known glitch effects as well as different glitch art on your phone.

 The effects are organized into categories and you can choose the one you like and you can also customize the glitch effect according to your choice in the app there are over hundred glitch effects and I find them really good you can start from scratch and create your own glitch effect or use the presets in the app using glitch art or effects depends upon your creativity.

 You need to think out of the box to get the perfect result so use your creativity and make something interesting and guys glitch art also has a pro version which gives you access to more glitch effects and features the pro version of this app is approximately 500 rupees. 


9. Dekho

Best Android Apps

Next up we have in our list is the dekho. dekho is a wonderful app which helps you do find best movies and web series you can get recommendations across different streaming platforms such as hot star Netflix Amazon Prime.

 Once you setup the app which by the way requires you tell the app which movies and web series you like or not and on the basis of your answers the app uses the AI to offer you personalized recommendations.

The interface of the app is very good and once you share your preferences you will get the list of movies and web series according to your choice in the app you can also add in recommendations to your watch list overall they Co is a wonderful recommendation app for movies and TV series which knows your preferences and helps you to find what to watch Next.


10. Google Go

Best Android Apps

The last app we have in our list is the Google go Google go is a lighter and faster way to search the app will save you 40% data as compared to the regular app.

 You get quick answers even on slow internet the size of the app is just 7 MB and because it’s lightweight the app is blazing fast and smooth to use there are mainly three sections in this app first is the home page where you can start searching and that too by typing less to stop on the suggestions at the bottom.

 You can use voice search you can also make Google read the web page for you there is also a app menu where you have numbers of apps listed which are very well categorized and if you have the native app installed then it will open the app for you otherwise it will redirect you to a web page and [Music] lastly.


We have the Google now feature which shows amuse and hot topics according to your choice overall Google Go is a fast way to search and find things on the Internet so definitely download it right now. 



That’s it guys these were the 10 best Android apps app which we have featured today or if you have any suggestions then let us know by leaving a comment down below. So that’s all for now if you like this Artcile then please subscribing to our Blog QuickStartApps.


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