Best Android Apps

Top 10 [BEST ANDROID APPS] For Instagram

Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Instagram. This App can be used to edit your Images with multiple filters and Effects for Instagram this apps are very useful for daily bases. 

This Top and Best 10 Apps are Free of cost application to edit any images with better and Attractive quality.


List of Best Android Apps for Instagram


SI No. Best Android Apps
2 PolyCam
3 Snapseed
4 Super Rainbow
5 Huji Camera
6 Polarr
7 Highlight Cover Maker
8 Neptune Camera
9 Garny
10 Unfollowers


Best Android Apps

VSCO Application Has Amazing Filters and Photo Editing Tools for Enhancing your images.

VASCO is best place to express your creativity with multiple platform like Instagram. Take your photography to Next Level using VSCO App.


Rating:    4.5

Size:         Veries with Device


Features of VSCO:

1. Compare and Contrast with Different Looks.

2. Transform Video with Mobile Editing.

3. Emulate Film with advanced presets.

4. Try new Tricks and Technics.


2. PolyCam

Best Android Apps

A Polycam Application providing Free Instax cinemagraph maker and Photo Frames, Rainbow and Ligh Leaks. Easy to use Application  Aesthectic Leak Effects. 

PolyCam vintage application is developed by Wonder App Team with Current Install of 1 Million+ Users Across the world.


Rating:    4.6

Size:         8.9 MB


Features of PolyCam Vintage Filters Cam:

1. Instant Camera.

2. Multiple Personalized light leak effect.

3. Various Photo Burn Pulsing Effect.

4. White and Black Diverse Photo papers.

5. Grain Texture Effect.

6. Diverse Nostalagic Camera Filers.


3. SnapSheed

Best Android Apps

Snapsheed is one of the application for editing any pics in better way. This app is officially launched by Google LLC. In this application there is 29 Tools and Filters, Inculding: Healing Brush, Structure, HDR and Perspective.

Snapsheed Application completed there 100 Million+ user Base in short time. Best Application I can say for Editing any images with Better Output.


Rating:    4.4

Size:         Varies with Device.


Features of SnapSheed:

1. Perfect any Photo using Tools and Filters.

2. Tune any effect with Precision

3. Pro Level Editing Tool

4. Undo and Re-edit your Edits.

5. Raw Editing


4. Super Rainbow Camera

Best Android Apps

Super Rainbow application is used to add effects such as Skylight, window light, sunlight and Prism Reflection. This application is pfficially launched by DTS CORP App developer Company.

Currently users base 100,000+ Acoss the world. Free to use application with multiple Effects and camera.


Rating:    4.5

Size:         12 MB


Features of Super Rainbow Camera:

1. Natural Lighting

2. Powerful Light Editor

3. Exhance your Photo

4. The Best Editor

5. Easy to Use


5. Huji Camera

Best Android Apps

Huji camera is the best application for Capturing any moment with better output. This app can be used for capturing the best moment.

The advantages of using this camera it gives High resolution Images with multiple effects. The Huji camera is also known as Film camera. Perfect camera for capturing the Images.

Currently users base 10Million+ Acoss the world. Free to use application with multiple Effects and camera.


Rating:    4.4

Size:         19 MB


Features of Huji Camera:

1. Best Camera for Caputring

2. 100+ Filters

3. Exhance your Photo

4. Easy to Use


6. Polarr Photo Editor

Best Android Apps

Pollarr Applcation can be used for create and customize your own filters + Glitech effect. This application is developed by Polarr software developer company.

Nearly completed 5 Million+ Users base in short time. Best application for Camera with Glitech Effects.


Rating:    3.7

Size:         65 MB


Features of Polarr Polarr Photo Editor:

1. Spectacular Control of Colours

2. Artistics Tools and Effects

3. Emulate Weather, Clouds, etc…

4. Retouch Portraits with face Detection


7. Highlight Cover Maker

Best Android Apps

Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – application can be used to highlight cover editor offers templates, icones and Background to create your story highlight covers. 

Instagram Recently Updated about Story Highlights. You can share your story for long peroid in your profile. This application can help you to create a Highlight Cover for Your Instagram Story.


Rating:    4.6

Size:         23 MB


Features of Highlight Cover Maker:

1. Beauty Your Profile with Cover

2. 500+ Highlight Icons

3. Chalk Stickers

4. Wreaths Stickers

5. 200+ Background Images

6. Classy Stickers

7. Water Colour Stickers


8. Neptune Camera

Best Android Apps

A Neptune Camera can Embelish both your photos and videos with all kinds of effects, Ranging from Emulations of old and granulated film rolls. This app is developed by Nahir Esper.

This application completed 1000+ Users. Recently Launched Application. This application is paid app in Indian Rs 80. You can easily purchase this application available on checpest price.


Rating:    4.6

Size:         23 MB


Features of Neptune Camera:

1. Additional Tools

2. Contrast and Saturation

3. Defocus and Focus

4. White Balance

5. Temperature and Light Effects

6. Shadow Effects


9. Garny – Preview Instagram Feed

Best Android Apps

A Grany application helps you review, plan and organize your Instagram feed. Using application you can easily monitor your Instagram Feed in easy way.

The Garny Application is developed by Garny Team and the user base is 500,000+ Installs.


Rating:    4.5

Size:         9 MB


Features of Garny:

1. Plan and Preview your Instagram Feed

2. Schedule Multiple Post at a Time

3. Drag and Drop facilities

4. Multiple Instagram Account can be Accesable

5. Repost any Images and Videos without Discription

6. All in one Easy to use Tool


10. Unfollowers

Best Android Apps

The unfollowers application is most important to every Instagram users to find your Unfollowers / non Followers. This application is very usefull for finding your grouth stretagy.

This application can help you to find Unfollowers. Those are Unfollowing your Account. Every details easily Trackable using this application.

100% Trusted application with 5 Million+ Users who are using Unfollowers application for find thier Unfollowers and Non Followers.


Rating:    3.3

Size:         3.2 MB


Features of Unfollowers:

1. Switch Multiple Account

2. Find Non Followers and UnFollowers

3. Unfollow automatically

4. Mutual Followers

5. Starred Facility with Auto unfollowing

6. Mass unfollow



This are the Top 10 Best Android Apps for Instagram. This app can be very useful for future Growth of Instagram.

You can Download which ever application which is perfect for you..!! 

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