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5 Best Android Apps you Never Heard

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Hello everyone this is a note from QuickStartApps. We are back with one more Best Android Apps you Never Heard.

And today we will show you Best Android Apps you Never Heard you should try out. We have selected in this Blog are on the basis of their usage functionality and how unique these apps are and most importantly.

Because they recently launched and guys. if you’re new to our Blog then don’t forget to subscribe join our notification squad. So let’s begin with our today’s Best Android Apps and as usual we will show the apps in random order.

5 Best Android Apps you Never Heard


1. School Planner


The first step is called school planner and it’s a must-have for any student. Because this will help organize your courses and assignments a lot better for starters by inputting your homework exams or projects.

The app will remind you of any of the due dates plus on the main page. It will show you what daily tasks need to be completed as well as any upcoming events.

So that you can plan ahead you can set basic reminders for anything and if you add your courses to the app then.

It will create a beautiful schedule in the timetable sections and the coolest feature is that this will show you an estimation of your overall grade. Based on all of the quizzes homework scores and project scores that you add in.

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2. Otter Voice Meeting Notes


Otter voice meeting notes is a must for anyone who wants to voice record the professor or the teacher. I voice record my professors because they sometimes explain everything way too quickly.

It’s easy to miss important information on top of that other times. It’s just hard to understand what they’re trying to say. Because they may have a thick accent or I happen to come in late not to say in the back of the class with this voice recorder.

I can transcribe everything the professor says in real time. And then later on I can search through the text to find a specific term or topic just keep in mind.

That if you sit in the back of the class. You’re really far away this that transcription won’t be that good so you might want to stay closer to the closer to the front other amazing features.

Is that all the recordings are automatically uploaded to the cloud. So you’ll never lose any of them you can insert photos live of whiteboard discussions. Slides and the recording the free version lets you record up to 600 minutes a month. You can share your recordings easily and much more.

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3. MacroDroid

MacroDroid - Automatisierung
MacroDroid - Automatisierung
Developer: ArloSoft
Price: Free+
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Automatisierung Screenshot


One problem that I sometimes run into when I’m in class is that sometimes I forget to silence my phone and occasionally.

I have that embarrassing moment where it’ll start to ring during lecture well a great solution to this is to download an app.

That will automatically turn down the volume right when you were right to school I found macro droid to be that great solution.

As it lets me automate this task real easily here’s how to do it just open the app select add macro and in the triggers tab select location. And then location trigger from there select area entered add your school by searching for it on the map.

And make sure the entire radius covers a school zone then once you select the region go to the actions tab. Where you will make the volume get disabled once you reach the school so select volume then silent vibrate off.

Then select the enable option or if you prefer priority notifications to still come through you can choose that option within the priority mode / Do Not Disturb button.

Finally select the checkmark give this macro a name and that’s it now every time you arrive to school your phone will automatically mute the sound.

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4. Squid


What’s the point of this Blog if I don’t show off a note-taking app well for anyone with a stylus. I highly recommend you try out squid you let you take Henry notes on a vast digital piece of paper.

That you can zoom in and out of and you can add multiple pages to it it’s perfect for your mathematics or science courses.

Since you’ll be dealing with a ton of equations graphs and drawings with most of the programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs because some drawings are just not possible.

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5. NoteBook


Unless you outsource to a third party option that’s a lot that you can import PDFs and mark them up to fill out forms sign documents etc.

You can also use your finger to write but it can get pretty sloppy that’s why I recommend notebook by Soho corporation for anyone who wants to take notes using a qwerty keyboard for each class you take.

You create a notebook for it and in each journal you can write down notes for each day the layout is very similar to that of Google heat.

But it has a ton more features you can make a drawing and included in your text of notes include bullet points.

Customize the text custom text links quotations and more you can also make voice notes attach documents pictures. And even lock notebooks or specific notes.

If you like if you prefer writing notes on a laptop and this app has its own website so you can switch between both platforms seamlessly.

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6. ActionDash


A bad habit that I have is that I continuously spend too much time on Twitter Instagram or even snapchat and what school just around the corner.

I have to limit my distractions to a bare minimum with action – I can do just that developers just released two new features to help you stop your phone addiction.

The first one is called focus mode which allows you to select any apps that you find to be distracting and then.

When this option is enabled it’ll simply lock you out of those apps there’s also another setting called app usage limits.

Which I prefer using to limit my phone usage with this feature. You can set how long you want to use an app each day and then when the time is up they’ll lock you out until the next day. So if you want to get rid of those distractions give action.

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That’s it guys these were the 10 best Android apps app which we have featured today or if you have any suggestions then let us know by leaving a comment down below. So that’s all for now if you like this Artcile then please subscribing to our Blog QuickStartApps.

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