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Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Instead of wasting your Time on other apps. Checkout Useful apps here. Completely Free of Cost. Download Directly From Playstore.

Play store nearly completed 3.5 million of Application in their store. Today I Brought very useful Best Android Apps for you…

All the Application is completely Free of Cost. This App will Help you in different situations. 

SI No. Best Android Apps
1 Google Drive
2 Google Assistant
3 Nova Launcher
4 Google Maps
5 LastPass Password Manager



1. Google Drive


Best Android Apps


Google Drive Apps officially launched App by Google LLC. This app can be used for storing a images, apps, videos in their server. This app is 100% safe and Secure. Every data you can easily store it on Google Drive. 

You can also Access this data from any Devices like Mobile phones and Computers. This all files are saved in Your Gmail account.
When ever you want to access this file from other device. Just Go to google drive and signup with you Email Address and Password. Then you can access your data through it. What ever you are stored in Google Drive.


Download – Google Drive on Play store


2. Google Assistant


Best Android Apps


Google Assistant is also Launched by Google. This app is very easy to use and user Friendly Application.

You may seen in iPhone there a Assistant called as siri. What ever you asked they will provide you the information.

Same way Google also Launched there Voice Assistant. It work same in way. You can access any software, or any details from Google by Voice Recognizing. 

To Activate Google Assistant the code is “OK Google” While saying ‘OK Google” your Voice recognizing will activate. Now you can question anything to Google Assistant. They will help you to find your solutions.

You can also Access any applications by just saying “OK Google” Open Whatsapp. It will automatically redirected to your Whatsapp.


Download – Google Assistant



3. Nova Launcher

Best Android Apps

Nova launcher can help you to change your Android themes for better looks. You can easily change your Android Themes by the Help of Nova Launcher.


Download – Nova Launcher



4. Google Maps

Best Android Apps

Google Map is also a Official launched by Google. You can use this application for finding a location for travelling. Using Google maps we can also identify certain locations and time/second.

It shows Exact point while traveling to somewhere or your felt in struggle in someplace. You not going to find any Roads around you. In this case Google Maps are very Useful to Find a Road nearer to you.


Download – Google Map


5. LastPass Password Manager
Best Android Apps

LastPass password Manager is very useful for every person now a days. If your using different website and social media’s. You may confused with your password. LastPass Password app will help you to find a password which ever your stored in LastPass Password application.

This app is safe and secure to store any passwords. For future Remember. You can easily store your password without any fear of loosing your passwords.


Download – LastPass Password


This are 5 Best Android Apps of 2019. Very useful app for present and future.

Thank you:)

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