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The Best Apps in Android


Hello everyone this is a note from QuickStartApps. We are back with one more The Best Apps in Android.

And today we will show you The Best Apps in Android you should try out. We have selected in this Blog are on the basis of their usage functionality and how unique these apps are and most importantly.

Because they recently launched and guys. if you’re new to our Blog then don’t forget to subscribe join our notification squad. So let’s begin with our today’s and as usual we will show the apps in random order.


Floating Bar

Floating Bar LG V30
Floating Bar LG V30
Developer: THSoftware
Price: Free+
  • Floating Bar LG V30 Screenshot
  • Floating Bar LG V30 Screenshot



Inspired by LG’s V 30 Smartphone we have the floating bar. Now this is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin you can add a whole suite of different things.

You want this bar to display such as your recent applications your most-use. Or your music that’s currently playing tools weather and more.

And when it’s active but not being used it is a pretty good job of hiding away. It is just a translucent bubble that you can just slide into one of the corners of your Smartphone and tapping it.

Once will open up the bar in front of any application. You’ve got running and tapping anywhere else will close it again.


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That’s it guys these were the 10 The Best Apps in Android which we have featured today or if you have any suggestions then let us know by leaving a comment down below. Best Android Apps of November. So that’s all for now if you like this Article then please subscribing to our Blog QuickStartApps.


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