Best Android Apps

10 Best Android Apps for Camera

Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Top and 5 Best Android Apps for Camera. Best and High resolution Effects with High Pixels.

This applications are totally free of cost and user Friendly Application. Easy to use and Beautiful filters. So I will Recommended to use. This Top 10 camera with ultra features.

SI No. Best Android Apps
1 B612
2 Youcam perfect
3 Retrica
4 Candy Camera
5 Bestie Camera 360
6 Sweet Selfi
7 HD camera
8 Sweet snap
9 S9 camera pro
10 Camera 360 Lite



1. B612

Best Android Apps

B612 – Beauty and Filter Camera app is developed by Snow inc. Best application for Camera with 1500+ Stickers and Filters. Best Camera for Android Users. 


Features Available on B612 Camera.

1. Savvy Stickers.

2. Real Time Effects.

3. Spot on Filter.

4. AR Emogi.

5. Custom Music Video


Rating:     4.4

Size:          Varies with Device.


2. Youcam Perfect

Best Android Apps


Youcam perfect is Camera and also a Photo Editior 2 in 1 Application from Perfect Corp. 

Easy to use and user Friendly Application for Editing and camera effects.

Features Available on YouCam Perfect Camera.

1. Create memories.

2. Editors Choice for Photos.

3. Remove Object.

4. Perfect Pics.

5. Edit with Effects.

6. Edit with Magic Brush.

7. Decorate photos.

8. Add Blur Effects.


Rating:     4.5

Size:          Varies with Device.

3. Retrica

Best Android Apps


Retrica is Camera with Verity light Effects and 190+ Stickers. It gives better Expirence to click a Light Effect Images as you can see in the above Images. 

Retrica Camera is Developed by Retrica inc App developer company. Free of cost and user Friendly application.

Features Available on Retrica Camera.

1. Beautiful camera Filters in any occasion.

2. Lights and Colours.

3. Get an out look for the Frames.

4. Perfect Pics.

5. Edit with Effects.

Rating:     4.5

Size:          Varies with Device.


4. Candy Camera

Best Android Apps

Candy Camera – Selfi, Beauty camera and photo editor. This Application is developed by JP Brothers. 

Candy Camera Beautifying filters and silent mode. Best App for Selfi you can Take Selfi at any time and Anywhere.

Features Available on Candy Camera.

1. Beauty Editing.

2. Perfect Selfie.

3. Natural Selfie Filters.

4. Body Editing Mode.

5. Multiple Collage Grids.

6. Beauty Functions.

7. Stickers.


Rating:     4.5

Size:          Varies with Device.


5. Bestie Camera 360

Best Android Apps

Bestie Camera Selfie this is one of the best application for caputuring the moment with selfie and editing photos using different types of filters and stickers. 

This Camera is developed by Pingue inc software developer company. Finally there are completed 10 million+ Users Across the world.


Features Available on Bestie Camera.

1. Real time Skin Beautifying Effects.

2. Stunning Filters for portrait.

3. Play with Animated Stickers.

4. Intelligent Beauty Editor.


Rating:     4.5

Size:          Varies with Device.

6. Sweet Selfi

Best Android Apps

Sweet Selfie – Best Selfi Camera and Photo Editor. In this app We can also edit our Images with multiple Effects and also Caputuring Moment for your Photos. 

Sweet Selfie camera is developed by Sweet Selfie inc Company. This app completed nearly 100Million+ users Across the world.

Features Available on Sweet Selfie camera.

1. Smart Auto Beautify.

2. Teeth whitening.

3. HD Filters.

4. Live Stickers.

5. Change your Hair Style.

6. Get Rid of acne.

7. Popular Makeup.

8. Stylish Collage.

Rating:     4.4

Size:          60 MB


7. HD Camera

Best Android Apps

HD Camera for Android to capture in every moment this is the best application with High Resolution Effects. Powerful Filter and Multiple Functions. HD Camera is developed by KX Camera Team. 

HD Camera Nearly Completed 10 Million+ Downloads Across the world Easy functionality Camera.

Features Available on HD Camera.

1. Digital Zooming and Focusing.

2. Infinity Mode.

3. HD Filters.

4. White balance.

5. Adjust Exposure.

6. View Mode (Night, party, sports and Sunset).

7. Coundown Pictures.

8. Record the Shotting Location Information.

Rating:     4.4

Size:          16 MB


8. Sweet Snap

Best Android Apps

Snap -Beauty Selfie Camera and face Filter. This is completed 100 Million+ Users across the world. Easy Functionallity app for Android users. With Ultra Features and Effects.


Features Available on Sweet Snap Camera.

1. Funny Stickers.

2. Art Filter.

3. Real-Time Beauty Effects.

4. Makeup Camera

5. Gif and Short Video

6. Capture Memorable Moment


Rating:     4.4

Size:          55 MB

9. S9 Camera Pro

Best Android Apps

S9 camera pro – Galaxy Camera. In this camera you will get same Resolution which is available in samsung Galaxy s9 Mobile. High Resolution camera with Ultra Effects and Stickers. 

S9 Camera Pro is Developed by kyeong Ah App developer Company with  1 Million+ Users across the world.

Features Available on S9 Camera Pro.

1. Ral Time Live Stickers.

2. Ultra HD Camera and Supoorts 4k Resolution

3. Grid Layout

4. HDR Mode

5. Wonderful Filters

6. Photo Editor


Rating:     4.4

Size:          23 MB


10. Camera 360 Lite

Best Android Apps

Camera 360 Lite is a selfie Camera using this app you can Capture a Better Pics. Different types Filters and Art work Sketch. 

Camera 360 Lite applcation is developed by Pingue. inc App developer Company. Camera 360 Application Crossed 10 Million+ Users.

Features Available on Camera 360 Lite.

1. Beauty Camera

2. Insta Square Size

3. Magical Sky

4. Starry Night

5. Artwork Sketch

6. To Lite and Good Lite Features

7. Real Time Filters

Rating:     4.4

Size:          13 MB




This are Top 10 Best Android apps for Camera. This all apps are available on Playstore with free of cost. Best apps of the year.

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